Sons of the Desert Run and Gun 2017

Course of Fire 1.0

Note: For the Advanced Division, the Course of Fire will be explained by the RO upon arrival at the stage. It will contain additional challenges and targets.

Date: November 11th 2017

Overall distance approximately 4.25 miles

Round Count Regular Division: 22 pistol, 35 rifle Max distance 300 yards.

Round Count Advanced Division: 35 pistol, 88 rifle Max distance 500 yards.

Course Safety Meeting at 7:30 am first runner at 8:00 am. One runner every 5 minutes after.

Stage 1: .75 miles. From the left side of the barricade (standing) shoot one "failure drill" pistol target. Two shots on the 12"X12" lower steel and one shot on the 6"X6" steel above. Move to the center of the barricade and shoot one "failure drill" target through the window. Move to the right side and shoot one target.

9 Pistol.

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Stage 2: 1.3 miles. Pistol tree and plate rack targets. Shoot 5 plate rack targets then 5 pistol tree targets.

10 Pistol

Stage 3: .5 miles. At the first barricade (standing) shoot target one (12"X18") at 120 yards, target two (12"X18") at 200 yards and target three (24"X24") at 300 yards once each. Move to barricade two (kneeling) and engage the same targets the same way. Move to the third barricade (prone) and engage the same way.

9 Rifle

Stage 4: .4 miles. Shoot one "failure drill" target. Holster and move to the simulated roof top. Shoot four rifle target two times each at a range of 100 to 200 yards.

8 Rifle 3Pistol

Stage 5: .3 miles. An old Chevrolet Blazer will have 3 shoot positions marked on it. From each position shoot 3 rifle targets once each at ranges from 100 to 200 yards.

9 Rifle

Stage 6: .6 miles. Two large tanks will be marked with three shooting positions (Kneeling). From each position shoot 3 rifle targets once each at a ranges from 100 to 200 yards. Note: position number one will be shot over the top of a tank. Position two is shot left handed and position three must be shot right handed.

9 Rifle