Fall 2018 COF
Competition Class

Course Total

42 Pistol

94 Rifle



Stage 1. 


In a Tight Spot


Crawl under low panel and proceed to the barricade. With both feet inside the barricade engage two "Failure Drill" targets on the left. move to the window in the barricade and engage the two center "Failure Drill" targets in the center without extending your hands out side of the window. At the Right side of the barricade engage the two right "Failure Drill" targets. Move to the backside of the barricade and kneeling inside the barricades supports engage the right "Failure Drill" target then move to the left side and engage the left "Failure Drill" target. 

24 pistol. 



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Stage 2 


Texas Star Stage. 


The stage consists of a Pistol Tree,2 targets and a barricade. The barricade will have numbered positions 1-4, starting at position #1 move to the next position after each shot. Shot target on the left. Shoot pistol tree. Shoot target on the right. Shoot the pistol tree. Shoot target on the left.


11 Pistol 


Stage 3

Long Shot Stage

Starting from a prone position on an elevated platform you will have five shots to make two hits a 12” X 12” target at a distance that will be announced the day of the race. If after five shots you fail to make the two hits you will shoot at the 24”X24” target at the same distance with five shoots. Move off of the right side of the platform and shoot the same targets right handed. Same five shoot rules apply. Transition to the left side of the platform and shoot the same targets left handed. Same five shot rules apply.

6 Rifle


Stage 4

Parkour Stage

Start inside the square. Shooting with pistol one hit on a 12X18 target at 50 yards then transition to two 12X12 targets at 10 yards two hits each. Holster the pistol and go over the short walls to the roof top barricade. Climb to the top of the roof then load rifle and engage 4 targets at 200 yards 2 times each.

5 Pistol

8 Rifle

Stage 5


Start at the Over Under obstacle and choose to crawl next to the wall or climb over the wall. Move to truck and from 4 positions shoot 4 targets two times each. The targets are numbered 1-4 going right to left. The RO will call out the order of the target you need to hit.

32 Rifle

Stage 6

Barrel Bash

Two large barrels will be the stage obstacle. Starting kneeling on the left side shooting Left Handed hit 4 targets two times each. Shoot the same course of fire between the barrels using the hand of your choice. On the right side you must shoot Right Handed the same course of fire.

24 Rifle